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Free Dogtra E-Collar Training User Manual   What Customers Are Saying About Dogtra

Dogtra Battery Replacement Guide

Battery replacements are necessary to ensure proper performance of Dogtra collars.  Below is a guide on which batteries to get.
Dogtra Remote Trainer & E-Collars
300M, 175NCP, 180NCP, 200NCP Gold, 202NCP Gold (2-Dog Model), 210NCP, 280NCP, 7000M, 7002M (2200NCP Receiver Collar BP12RT), Surestim M Plus
Transmitter BP12RT
Collar BP20R
1100NC, 1200NC, 1200NCP, 1202NC, 1202NCP, 1600NCP
Transmitter BP15T
Collar BP12RT
1800NC, 1802 NC, 1803NC, 1804NC, 2000NC, 2002NC, 2000NCP, 2002NCP, 2000T&B, 2002T&B, (2200NCP Transmitter BP-2T)
Transmitter BP-2T
Collar BP12RT
1400NCP, 1500NCP, 1700NCP, 1900NCP, 7100H, 7102H, Surestim H Plus Transmitter BP12RT
Collar BP12RT
Transmitter BP-74T2
Collar BP74R
IQ Transmitter BP-37T
Collar BP-37F
2500T&B, 3500NCP
Transmitter BP74T
Collar BP74R
Transmitter BP74TE
Collar BP74RE
1900S, 1902S
Transmitter BP74RS
Collar BP74RS
280C, 282C
Transmitter BP37T
Collar BP37W
Transmitter BP37W
Collar BP37W
Dogtra Bark Collars / No Bark Collars
Collar BP20R
YS-500 Yapper Stopper
Collar BP12RT
YS-300 Yapper Stopper
Collar BP-37Y
Dogtra Electric Dog Fence
EF-3000 Pet Containment Fence (Old Model)
Collar BP20R
EF-3000 GOLD Pet Containment Fence (New Model)
Collar BP-37F
Dogtra Remote Release Systems & Bird Launchers
Pheasant Launcher PL Series
Transmitter BP15RT
Receiver BPRR
Quail Launcher QL Series
Transmitter BP15RT
Receiver BPRR
Remote Releaser RR
Receiver BPRR
Remote Releaser RRD
Receiver BPRR

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